St. Louis Community College

Joan Grahlfs

a.k.a. Mrs. G.

Mathematics Department


Contact Information


3400 Pershall Road

St. Louis, MO 63135-1499


Office: SM 277


Phone: 314-513-4345




FAX: 314-595-2199

TDD: 314- 513-4369


Office Hours



Monday - Thursday

Before and after classes




Grading Policy

        Number of Tests/Quizzes: Number of credits plus one

        Homework Policy: Successful completion of homework is the only way to learn mathematics.

        Attendance Policy: 1to 2 personal days no notes, no make-ups, no questions asked.


Description of Teaching Style


Every thing that we will do in class is possible. I will never embarrass you, call on you without your permission, or expect the impossible. You can do this!




Every knitting project is a math problem.