WARD 6 - Sheet 11 a
Enumerated by Robert Baird on the 11 & 12 day June, 1900

M/S/Wd/D = Married (yrs)/Single/Widowed/Divorced
POB = Place of Birth POBM = Place of Birth Mother POBF = Place of Birth Father
Surname Given Relation Color Sex Age M/S/Wd/D POB POBM POBF
Hodge Tollie Son B M 6 S LA LA LA
Flarr?nu Daughter B F 1 S LA LA LA
Duffy Mattie Head B F 23 Wd LA LA LA
Timp?ton Mary Head W F 61 Wd LA LA ?
Frances Daughter W F 27 S LA GA LA
Rhymes H? Head W M 28 S LA LA LA
The enumerator indicated the end of Ward 6 several lines below the last entries above.
- End -

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