In Loving Memory

Photo of Betty J. Hall

Betty Jean Johnson-Hall

Sunrise, July 11, 1946 - Sunset, December 19, 2004

My aunt Bee was a lighthearted person with a playful personality and a contagious smile. She was a loving child, sister, wife and mother. She was the third child born to Willie and Patty Lark-Johnson. She was a sister and friend to her brother Willie and sisters Anna, Essie and Rosalee. I imagine the relationship with her brother Wiley was sweet but cut short due to his untimely death in an automobile accident. She was a dutiful wife to her husband and a passionate mother to her three children, Barbara, Jerry and Shannon. I was close to my Aunt Bee but grew even closer when my mother moved to California in 1970. Some of my most cherished memories were formed in her house. Between the age of 9 and 13, I spent almost every weekend with her. My cousins and I would spend most of the day outside exploring the neighborhood and then come in, clean up, eat and settle in front of the television. We would lay on the floor right in front of the television screen as my aunt and uncle sat on the couch behind us. They'd laugh at Flip Wison doing his Geradine skit or something Redd Foxx said on Sanford and Son. I'd look over my shoulder amazed that they got it and I was still lost, but I found laughter in my Aunt Bee's smile. (To Be Continued)

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