Willie Johnson

Willie Johnson Born July 13, 1902. Willie's parents were Willie and Frances (Jackson) Johnson. My earliest recollection of Willie is between 1965 and 1966, I was about four or five years old. This man entered my life when my grandmother's water supply dried up. I remember her saying he was an expert at finding water. We lived in a small two-room wooden house across from Boeuf River in Alto, Louisiana. It was a hot airless summer day when a medium framed man, neatly dressed in a suit as if he were going to church, walked up the road to the house and introduced himself as my grandfather. Saying, "Gul don jew no me, Um yor grandaddy." He spent the entire day preparing a well for my grandmother. When he finished eating the food my grandmother cooked, he said goodbye and departed into the dust from the gravel road. The next time I saw my grandfather I was about 11 years old. My grandmother's children had moved us to Monroe, a small urban city twenty miles from Alto. My mother came from California for a short visit and wanted to see her father. At that time he lived in a small three room apartment on Burg Jones Lane. I remember my mother took some pictures of my grandfather, the only image I use as a reference when remembering him. He stood in the middle of his living room in a white T-shirt and sand colored pants with a big grin on his face.

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