In Loving Memory

Willie Johnson, Jr.

Sunrise, November 22, 1942 - Sunset, January 4, 1998

Willie Johnson, Jr. was the father of five children, Dottie, Cassandra, Sholonda, Troy and Calvin. He was an active church usher, at True Vine Baptist Church - Monroe, Louisiana, who took his post serious. A fellow usher board member said, "We usually place a black ribbon at the post where a deseased usher served, but we couldn't put a ribbon in one place because Willie served where he saw a need."

"If he was suppose to stand in the back, we would look up and see Willie at the alter. He was always the first one at church on Sunday. He would stand at one door and welcome the pastor and then minutes later he was at the other side of the church greeting the assistant pastor. We could never get up early enough to beat Willie into the church. If we had a fish fry or a bar-b-que, Willie was there before everyone ready to get started and he stayed until the event was done, usually helping to clean."
(To Be Continued)

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