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Name That Bug!

The term "bug" is used affectionately by microbiologists to indicate germs. The only insects allowed in this game, are those which serve as vectors of disease agents.

The mystery microorganisms reside behind the doors in the Mystery zone. To play "name that bug" simply choose a door and click to enter.

You will be presented with the staining characteristics, growth pattern, colony morphology, and biochemical test results, for the mystery organism you have chosen. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to "name that bug," by reporting the genus and species.

Are you ready for the challenge? Just click on the admit button to enter the mystery zone.

Admit one


St. Louis Community College at Forest Park
Karen M. Kiser MA MT(ASCP) PBT
Emeritus Professor
Clinical Laboratory Technology/Phlebotomy
St. Louis, MO USA

Updated January 1, 2008

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