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Welcome to Pathology Correlation Conference

Thank you for visiting my course homepage. It is my hope that this site will be a valuable resource for learning.

You can go directly to any section of interest to you by clicking on the topics listed in the index on the left. You can also scroll down through this page at your leisure.

Each section may include Links to helpful Internet sites and provide easy navigation.


I will post course announcements on Blackboard. You will need to enter a user name and password. Meet you on the Web!

Course Requirements

This course is offered by the Forest Park Campus of St. Louis Community College. The location of the campus is 5600 Oakland Ave. in St. Louis, MO. The on-site location is B417. (Take the stairs or elevator in B tower to the fourth floor.) To enroll in this class you must be admitted to the Clinical Laboratory Technology program or have the permission of the CLT Program Director. Click on these links for additional information.

Directions to Campus | Forest Park Home Page | Program Home Page | Admissions | College Catalog | Class Schedule | Essential Functions


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Course Schedule

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Course Resources

My Faculty Home Page has helpful links to Web resources on topics we are studying. In addition, the Class Message Board can be used to communicate with your classmates as well as me. Messages can be posted on the board or we can meet in the chat room at a mutually agreed on time. Click on these links for additional information.

Forest Park Library | Merck Manual On-line| On-line Journals | Case Studies | Grammar Guide | Citation Guides | Abbreviations | Great Books Online | The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing | Tumor Markers | Autopsy | World Health Organization | Cultural Diversity in Health Care | Ethnomed | Multicultural Health (Queensland Health) | Lab Training | PubMed | eHRAF Collection of Ethnography | Causes of Death | WHO Estimates of Death by Cause | Babel Fish Translation | Media Lab


Click here to retrieve previous information on past course topics.

Meet the Instructor

Click here for more information about the Instructor.

Study Strategies

You should plan to set aside 12 hours each week for study of content. Use the Lesson Objectives and Interaction Items to help you focus on the information to learn. Many students find "flash cards" helpful for learning facts like media purpose, interpretation, and organism identification. You still need to spend additional time reading your text and reflecting on your understanding of the material.

It's a good idea to spread your study time over several days (4 or 5). You should also review the old material briefly prior to studying the new material. This will help you retain this information, learn what you missed the first time, and prepare for the comprehensive final and National Certifying Exam. A brief break, every 20-30 minutes, will make this study time effective. Use the on-line No Count Quizzes to access your learning prior to the scheduled exams. Remember, you cannot learn this material overnight.

Please contact me for help. I want you to succeed and will answer your questions, in order to assist your understanding of the material. Let's work together to achieve our common goal of transforming you from a "civilian" to a Medical Laboratory Technician.

Remember that you are not just studying for each exam, but will be expected to recall the facts and use them to think and solve problems in the laboratory, in years to come.

Click on these links for additional information.

Learning Style Inventory | Student Services | Learning Achievement Center | Study Guides & Strategies

Frequently Asked Questions

The following links will answer some questions that you may have.

Financial Aid | Graduation Requirements | ASCP Board of Registry Exam | ASCP Practice Tests Online | NCA National Credentialing Exam | Adaptive Computerized Testing Explanation | National MT/MLT Technical Curriculum | Career and Employment Services at St Louis Community College at Forest Park

Contact the Instructor

You may contact the instructor by:

Telephone (314-644-9645),
FAX (314-951-9806), or
Mail (Karen M. Kiser MA MT(ASCP), CLT/Phlebotomy, Stlcc. at Forest Park, 5600 Oakland Ave., St. Louis, MO., 63110-1393).

You can also post a message on Blackboard or arrange to meet in the Chat Room at a mutually convenient time.

About the Photos

The Photos on this page are courtesy of the Public Health Image Library, CDC.

The first photo is a mosquito. The second is Plasmodium malariae.

Program Information

If you would like more information about the Medical Laboratory Technician or Phlebotomy Programs,
visit the Program Home Page or contact me.

St. Louis Community College at Forest Park
Karen M. Kiser MA MT(ASCP)PBT
Emeritus Professor
Clinical Laboratory Technology/Phlebotomy
St. Louis, MO USA

Updated January 13, 2008

Please send
comments or suggestions.

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