The Pledge

Make a commitment to the earth by pledging what actions you agree to do to help the environment.

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I pledge to:      

carpool when I can.

use compact fluorescent bulbs.  

take shorter showers.

keep my water heater at 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  

buy products locally.

clean or replace AC & furnace filters every 45 days.  

buy minimally packaged goods.


install a low flow shower head.  

educate others at home.

insulate my water heater.  

buy a fuel efficient car.

caulk and weather strip doors and windows.  

except for in traffic, turn my car engine off and not keep it idling. 

choose reusable cleaning products (cloth, sponges).  

replace old appliances.

plant a tree.  

recycle paper, plastic and glass.

switch to double pane window.  

use a push mower.

print and make copies on both sides of the paper.  

unplug un-used electronics.  




not turn the heat up and to wear a sweatshirt instead.      

air dry laundry.      

buy organic food.      

bring cloth bags to the supermarket.      

turn off the computer.      

eat less meat.      

drink from a reusable container and ditch the plastic bottles.      

choose library books over buying new ones.      

grow plants instead of buying fake ones.

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