23CL276 - Woodhenge Site

23CL276 is a prehistoric site on property managed and protected by the US Army Corp of Engineers. The site was dubbed the "Woodhenge Site" based upon the discovery of a series of 54 postholes in a square pattern that aligned with the summer and winer solistice.

Features and artifacts were documented at the site that belong to the Steed Kisker Phase - a Mississippian culture group situated in the Kansas City area.

Five Radiocarbon dates from charcoal samples excavated from 23CL276. Three dates come from a hearth (Feature 17) within the four-sided strucure that has been proposed as an solar calendar observatory. The C-14 dates are interesting in that are far older than expected:

1130 BP +/- 140 = AD 820 +/-140
1205 BP +/- 130 = AD 725 +/-130
1220 BP +/-135 = AD 730 +/-135
1240 BP +/- 60 = AD 710 +/-60

A single radiocarbon date on feature 20, a hearth outside of the notheast corner of the structure, calibrates as AD 673. This raises the question as to whether old wood was intentionally used or if the structure should be assigned to the Late Woodland Period and not the Steed Kisker culture dating to the Mississippi Period.

Knives and scrapers from 23CL276.

Nebraska Phase pottery vessel from 23CL276.

Scraper from 23CL276.
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