Site 23PO309 is a prehistoric site on property managed and protected by the US Army Corp of Engineers. The artifacts documented at the site during 1967 belong to the Archaic, Woodland and Mississippi Periods. The artifacts and notes related to the site were documented by the Veterans Curation Program in St. Louis, MO.

Cahokia notched arrowpoint (no. 43-67) from 23PO309.

Reed point (no. 20) manufactured by retouching a flake from 23PO309.

Reed arrowpoint (no. 85-67) with impact fracture from 23PO309.

Reed arrowpoint (no. 72-67) manufactured out of oolitic chert; excavated at 23PO309.

Cahokia notched arrowpoint (no. 88-67) with edge serration from 23PO309.

Cahokia notched arrowpoint (no. 57-67) broken at the haft from 23PO309.

Serrated Scallorn point (no. 123-67) with atypical concave base from 23PO309.

Preform from 23PO309.

Thick bifacial tool, possible an agricultural tool, from 23PO309.

Large bifacially flaked knife from 23PO309.

Base of a large projectile point (no. 6-67) from 23PO309.

Resharpened and discarded projectile point (no. 11-67) from 23PO309.

Resharpened and broken base of an expanding stem projecile point (no 19-67) from 23PO309.

Projectile point (no. 12-67) from 23PO309.

Rice Side Notched projectile point (no. 1-67) from 23PO309.

Heavily resharpened projectile point (no. 6) from 23PO309.

Projectile point (no. 48-67) from 23PO309.

Resharpened knife (no.98-67) from 23PO309.

Groundstone tool, possible unfinished boatstone (no. 8-67) from 23PO309.

Photographs taken by the Veterans Curation Program in St. Louis, MO.
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