Professor Michael Fuller,, St. Louis Community College
SCA Michael of Safita, Barony of Three Rivers within the Kingdom of Calontir

The Barony of Three Rivers in the Kingdom of Calontir hosted a 3 day metalworking and glassworking workshop over the Labor Day Weekend. Michael of Safita, Neathery of Safita, and Amira of Safita participated in the activities.

Neathery almost finished with her repose project out copper.

Neathery takes a break from work.

Neathery smiles with a beautiful finished project.

Master Gerald Goodwine and Lady Eleanor Deyeson. The class on Medieval glue was taught by Master Gerald Goodwine. Making the glue was an essential step to construct the wooden boards for a large bellow for that he will use for blacksmithing.

Master Goodwine specifically used cheese lime glue to bond together boards that would be part of a large bellows for metalworking. Master Goodwine has used cheese lime in other projects. He reports that it is strong, water resistant, and able to withstand heat. The recipe he uses is taken from Theophilus, chapter 17 (On divers arts: the foremost medieval treatise on painting, glassmaking, and metalwork. The design of the bellow comes from De Re Metallica by Georgius Agricola.

Board and trowel used to mix cheese lime glue.

Approximately 300 grams of Cottage cheese (1% fat) was used to make cheese lime glue. We under-estimated the amount of cheese lime glue needed for the project, so two batches were manufactured two batches. The glue set up quickly. The glued boards were allowed to dry overnight.

Cheese being smeared.

Cheese being smeared.

Lime, as fine as powdered sugar, is added to the smeared cheese at a ratio of 1 part lime to 12 parts cheese.

Water is added to the mixture of smeared cheese and lime.

Glue was applied with a brush.

Brush loaded with glue.

Tongue and groove board being glued.

Applying glue to the board must be done quickly as the blue begins to harden in just a few minutes.

Boards glued.

Amira of Safita smiles.

Amira of Safita sad.

Still life in Gerald Goodwine's camp.

Francis Bean, event stewart of the second Calontir Metal and Glassworkers' Symposium.

Jacquelyn Brown and her stained glass project.


Cathus the Curious.

Francis Bean being amusing.

Babies are astonished.

Well, some baries are harder to astonish than others.

Michael of Safita. Hope you liked this webpage.
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