A small sample of coins recovered from the site of Abila in Jordan by the American Archaeological team working at the site since the 1980s.

OSMAN III, 1754-1757, silver para measuring 15 mm in diameter and 0.5 grams in weight. Minted in Egypt in AH 1168 / AD 1754. Abila Artifact registration number A86.003.

AL-SALIH ISMA`IL, (Branch at Damascus), (A.H. 637-643) (A.D. 1239-1245), silver dirhams, Damascus mint, nd. Diameter = 14 mm and weight = 1.5 grams. Very similar to issues that were struck in A.H. 641 = A.D. 1243-4. Abila coin registration number A86.179. [I believe that I discovered this coin amongst several glazed Medieval pottery sherds in the Umm el Amad aqueduct tunnel.]

UMAYYAD Copper Fals, approximately AD 698 - 750.

MAURICE TIBERIUS AD 578 - 602. Copper follis mostly likely minted in Antioch. The regnal year is given as iiii = AD 585 - 586. Diameter = 30 mm and weight = 12 grams. Obverse has bust facing in consular robes and crown with trofoil ornament; the right hand holds the mappa and the left hand holds an scepter topped with an eagle. The obverse inscription is a garbled version of DM TIb CONSTAN PP AVI. Reverse has an m with cross above, ANNO to left and T[HEUP] in the exergue. Abila artifact registration number A88.030.

JUSTINIANUS I AD 527 - 55. Copper follis likely minted in CON (Constantinople). Abila artifact registration number A84.129. Obverse, Diademed, draped bust of Justinian I. Reverse, Large M between star and crescent; above a cross, and below CON. within the M is the official mark: Epsilon.

CONSTANTINE THE GREAT (AD 307 - 337). Copper coin from locus 12 (special object number A96.196) in tomb H-60. Diameter = 18 mm and weight = 2.1 grams. Obverse, bust laureate wearing imperial mantle.

CRISPUS (AD 317 - 326) Copper coin from locus 12 (special object number A96.195) in Tomb H-60. Diameter = 18 mm and weight = 2.3 grams. Obverse, Bust, laureate.

DIOCLETIAN. AD 296 Billon Antoninianus. Diameter = 21 mm and weight = 2.4 grams. Obverse: IMP C C VAL DIOCLETIANVS P F AVG - Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust facing right. Reverse: CONCORDIA MILITUM - Diocletian standing right receiving victory on globe from naked Jupiter standing left, holding sceptre; ANT (Antioch mint) in exergue. Abila artifact registration number A84.175.

PROBUS. AD 276 - 282. Antoninianus. Diameter = 22 mm and weight = 3.6 grams. Obverse: IMP C M AVR PROBVS P F AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust facing right. Reverse: Illegible but should be RESTITVT ORBIS, female personification of Orbis Terrarum standing, facing right, holding wreath; emperor standing, facing left, holding globe and scepter; A between, XXI in exergue. Abila artifact registration number A88.c (Unstratified).

PROBUS (AD 276 - 282). Pierced copper coin of locus 39 (special object number A96.192) in tomb H-60. Diameter - 21 mm and weight = 3.6 grams.

ELAGABALUS (AD 218 - 219). Copper coin (special object number A84.105). Obverse, Bust of Elagabalus. Reverse, Tetrastyle temple with statue of Zeus enthroned holding Nike and scepter. Mint name GADAR

ARETAS IV (AD 20 - 40). Copper coin (special object number A84.174). Obverse, Conjoined busts of Aretas IV and Shaquilath. Reverse, Double cornucopiae and Nabataean script. 17 mm diameter. 3.8 grams weight.

HEROD ARCHELAUS. 4 BC - 6 AD. Bronze Prutah weighing 2.18 grams and measuring 17 mm in diameter. Obverse: [HPWD]OU, Bunch of grapes on vine, with leaf at left. Reverse: EQNARCOU (upside down), crested helmet with cheek straps. Abila coin registration number A86.212.
Thank you to Dr. David Chapman (Convenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis) and Dr. David Villa (John Brown University) for permission to document to work with the artifacts and records from the Abila Project. Special thanks to Cheryl Eaton to helping locate the relevant artifacts and records.

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