Abila - Tomb Q-2

I photographed tomb Q-2 during the summer of 1982. Barbet (1994) gave it the name of Tombeau du Plaford aux Octogones.

Photograph of tomb Q-2 during the summer of 1982 by Dr. Harold Mare.

Ink drawing of the ceiling of tomb Q-2 that was included in my dissertation (Fuller 1987:Figure 183), summer 1982.
Barbet, Alix
1994 Les peintures des nécropoles romaines d'Abila et du nord de la Jordanie. P. Geuthner, Paris.

Fuller, Michael J.
1987 Abila of the Decapolis : a Roman-Byzantine city in Transjordan. Washington University in St. Louis, Department of Anthopology dissertation.
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