Syria inscription from Tuneinir, Area 10, Square 72, Locus 02
A inscription in faint ink on a bodysherd of a large wine jar discovered in northeast corner of Square 72, Locus 02 by Rian Thum. The inscription was directly associated with several of the large wine jars. The wine jars and the inscription rested at an elevation 63 cm below the ground surface. The Syriac text lists wines made by monks including wines for use as medicine (one specifically for coughs and another for glaucoma). One varietal is described as "wine more precious that gold" - probably a designation for sacramental wine used in the communion ritual. The translation of this difficult text was done by Archbishop Matta Rohm of the Cathedral of St. George in Hasake, Syria.

Photographic Credit: Professor David Hanlon, SLCC-MC Webpage updated 28 February 2005.
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