Plan of the walls discovered during two seasons of excavation in Area 11.

Robert McWhorter holds the stadia rod while Michael Fuller uses the transit to measure elevations of artifacts and features in Area 11 during 1995.

Students use line level and a tape measure to get an approximately elevation for an artifact.

Walls and floor of the monastic cells with evidence of plaster applied to the floor in order to anchor a wooden cabinet or table against the wall.

A series of 5 x 5 meter test pits were excavated across Area 11 during 1999. We wanted to determine if ground penetrating radar images were accurately recording features related to the monastiac community. A series of mudbrick walls were discovered.

Significant excavation during 2000 exposed a number of mudbrick walls belonging to cells where the monks lived and carried out duties of food preparation. Several of the rooms contained the bodies of martyrs.

First pick run during the 2000 season of excavation Area 11.

Excavation units and longitude/latitude from Area 11 calculated by a handheld GPS device.

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