This webpage illustrates copper coins from the Area 2 mujaawara (Arabic, neighbor).

Uncleaned copper Zengid coin from Area 2, Square 20, Locus 06.
The coin was minted in Sinjar for Qutb al din-Muhammed (Spengler and Sayles 81.1) in the year AH 596 = AD 1199.

Uncleaned Zengid copper coin of Qutb al-Din Muhammad minted in Sinjar (Spengler and Sayles 81) during AH 596 to 600 / AD 1199 to 1203. Area 2.

Four uncleaned silver coins of the Ilkhanid rulers, probably dirhams minted by Abaga ibn Hulagu AH = 663 to 680 / AD 1265 to 1284
(Broome 157; Mitchiner 1563 - 1567). Found in Area 2, Square 1. They were found during bulk cleaning and could not be related
to a specific locus.

Uncleaned Ayyubid copper coin of Al Ashraf Musa minted in Mayafaraqin (Balog 849) during AH 612 / AD 1215. Area 2, square 29, locus 01.

Uncleaned Ayyubid or Zengid copper coin from Area 2 square 10, locus 32.
1988 field season, metal registry no. 126.


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Photographic Credits: Professor David Hanlon, SLCC-MC
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