Light green ware jug from Square 5, locus 03. This jug is decorated with moldmade birds (peacocks?) enclosed by circlets and Arabesques. Height equals 18.5 cm. and width equals 12.5 cm. Weight is 400 grams. A filter remains intact in the neck of the jug. Inside and core color is 5Y7/3. Discovered by Sharon Doerre.

Two light green ware bodysherds from Area 4. The jug wass decorated with moldmade Arabesques and circlets containing birds and animals.

Brown glazed bowl with sgraffito design discovered in Square 11, locus 04. Repair holes were made in antiquity along a fracture in the bowl. Rim diameter of 20 cm. and ring base diameter of 7.5 cm. Bowl height = 8. 4 cm. and weight = 569 grams. Glaze color is 10YR6/8. Discovered by Sharon Doerre.

Unglazed white (5Y8/2) two handle jar from square 34, locus 08. The designs was incised into the unfired clay with a blunt tool. Height is 18.5 cm. and diameter is 16.5 cm. Discovered by John.

Unglazed, light gray (5Y7/1) footed bowl discovered in Square 48, locus 04. The bowl measured 20 cm. in diameter and stands 6.8 cm. tall. It weighs 452 grams. Discovered by Sharon Doerre.

Top view of the bowl from Square 48, locus 04.

Cookpot handle with Arabic manufacturer's inscription from Area 4.

White and blue glazed bowl with design in a spooked fashion from Area 4.

Broken blue glazed hooded saucer lamp found in Square 13, locus 05. Diameter of 73.8 mm and weight of 66.8 grams. Discovered by Mitchell Grant.

Broken blue glazed hooded saucer lamp from Area 4.

Side view of broken blue glazed hooded saucer lamp from Square 13, locus 05.

Shattered blue glazed hooded saucer lamp from Square 28, locus 03. Diameter of 11.2 cm. and weight of 71.2 grams. Discosvered by Sharon Doerre.

Side view of the lamp found in Square 28, locus 03.

Very typical brown glaze bowl with sgraffito design. Area 4, Square 9, Locus 1.

Light green glaze bowl bodysherd with sgraffito design. Area 4, Square 9, Locus 2.

Splash glaze rimsherd to a bowl. Area 4, Square 16, Locus 7.

Thumbnail size sherd of Raqqa (?) Lusterware. Area 4, Square 33, locus 1.

Photographic Credit: Professor David Hanlon, SLCC-MC
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