Area 6 suq ("market") looking south down the major street leading to the Area 4 khan ("hotel-warehouse"). Several shops in the foreground were food vendors and bakeries.

Patrick Berger, Neathery Fuller, and Bill Spengler in Area 6. Benchmark in the distance.

Sharon Doerre (University of Texas - Austin) supervised excavation of Tuneinir's market. The 50 room ruin is situated adjacent to two khans (Areas IV and VII) and a bath (Area V). The rectangular shaped shops face the streets along the east and north sides of the market. Meat and baked goods were sold from shops along the north side of the market.

A basalt millstone (Arabic, al-Ruha ) was discovered in courtyard room 45 of the Area VI market. Photograph facing southeast looking into storerooms 34 and 35. The diameter of the millstone is approximately 3 ft. (1 meter). Several tannur (Arabic, breadoven) were discovered in courtyards 45, 48, and 49.

A probe unit was excavated beneath the Ayyubid Period market strata. Byzantine strata were found buried approximately 3 meters below Ayyubid market.

Photographic Credit: Professor David Hanlon, SLCC-MC
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