Copper dirhem of Qutb al-Din Muhammad ibn Zengi found in excavation unit 80, locus 008. Minted in Sinjar in the year AH 596 (AD 1199) and belonging to S/S 81.1 type. The Zengid tamgha (heraldic device) is very prominent under the nose of the king.

Ayyubid copper dirhem from excavation unit 49, square 001.

Ayyubid copper dirhem minted in Mayafarakin for Al Ashraf Musa. Discovered in excavation unit 47 in locus 015.

Mamluk (?) copper coin crudely overstruck on an earlier Ayyubid coin. Discovered in excavation unit 30, locus 003.

Photographic Credits: Professor David Hanlon, SLCC-MC Last updated 5 May 2005.