Dating to the Early Dynastic III period (25th and 24 th centuries BC), this excavation is a joint project between Antoine Suleiman, Directorate - General of Antiquities and Museum and Marc Lebeau, heading teams from the Universities of Munster, Leuven and Brussels. These photographs were taken during June 2004 when an open house was held to view the newly stablized and restored mudbrick temples and palace.

Lower restored mudbricks.

Street framed with mudbrick buildings.

Stairway leading to palace.

Stone stairs.

Views of Temple.

Niched wall inside of temple.

Drain in the temple floor.

Another view of drain.

Sacral drain and not a toilet.

Sacral drain and not a toilet.

Overburden over mudbrick walls.

Temple courtyard pavers.

Marc Lebeau, co-director of project.

Syrian and European Union VIPs tour Tell Beydar.

Beydar dighouse courtyard.

Beydar dighouse courtyard.

Chicken dish.

Lamb dish.