Petroglyph National Monument is located in the west suburbs of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was my good fortune to visit the site on the afternoon of October 31, 2008 before I drove to Santa Fe to participate in the AIA archaeology kids fair.

Sign at the entrance to Boca Negra .

Lizard with a rattle?

Panel showing mountain sign represented by the zig-zag line.

Two birds, chest to chest, and a drum represented in a panel

Spiral pattern.

Panel damaged possibly in a futile attempt to split and steal the panel.

Panel with the city in the background.

Petroglyph that is probably a mountain lion though my first impression was of a jaguar.

Cross pattern representing the four cardinal directions.

Low wall of fieldstone defining a floor space. National Park Service interprets this feature as a historic period shepherd's enclosure.

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