Contact Group Burg Al Mudirah
(St. Louis Community College)

Under the protection and the guidance of the
Barony of Three Rivers
is delighted to host the

Fall Session of

Royal University of Scir Hafoc

Saturday - October 25, 2003

Due to the incredible generosity of the Barony of Three Rivers there is


Activities will include classes and demonstrations of medieval fighting, costuming, weaving, dying, woodworking, the bardic arts, and other diverse arts and sciences. With a special presentation by HL Henry Percivale Kempe in the spirit of Halloween.

In conjunction with RUSH there will be a Medieval Archaeological Symposium, sponsored by the Archaeological Institute of America, St. Louis Society. Speakers will make presentations on topics related to the medieval Islamic and Crusader Near East. RUSH credit will be offered for gentles attending these presentations.

The Bur Al Mudirah will provide an Italian lunch. There are also many fast food places and a good sports bar nearby if you prefer to leave the site.

The site is Excruciatingly Dry.

Lord Galen has kindly offered to be a Crash Space Coordinator, so if you need a place to stay, please contact him either by email or by telephone 314-749-7939.

Campus Map

R.U.S.H Classes:   Classroom Plan
9:00 AM  
Making a Period Appearing Wooden Handcart Charles of Westermark intermediate;
limit 20 students
Simple Pattern Drafting for Shoes and Boots Countess Comyn Hrothwyn 3 hrs;
limit 10 students;
$1.00 class fee;
age limit: 15+;
ruler and pencil
Survey of Dance Master Conrad Martin von Kassel beginner
No More Naked Noggins: 15th- 16th Century Women's Headwear Josefina del Torre del Oso and Tsire  
:How to Run a List Lady Issabell Saint Charles 2 hrs;
Age limit:18+
A History of the Cotehardie Baroness Meredydd ferch Owain  
Dots and Rakes (Glass Bead Making) Ossen Kolisvanr 3 hrs;
limit 5 students;
$5.00 class fee;
Age limit: 18+
Basic Soapstone Mold Carving Count Fernando  
Introduction to Bardic Arts Lord Barthel aus Pennswald  
10:00 AM  


Beyond Boredom: What to Do in the SCA Berenguera Fineya age limit: 6-17
Herbal Walk Baroness Agnes de Lanvalle  
Period and Period-Style Event Foods HL Bronwyn ferch Arial and Mistress Catherine Anne Applebee 2 hrs
Six Steps to "Perfect Dancing" (Cornazano's 6 points to improving dancing) Master Conrad Martin von Kassel intermediate
Italian Women's Dress,1450-1500 HL Amanda filia Luci 2 hrs
Construction of the Cotehardie Baroness Meredydd ferch Owain 2 hours
Bardic Practicum: Recitation/Singing Lord Barthel aus Pennswald limit: 5 Performers. Others are welome!!!
Introduction to Painting Preprints HL Conna ingen Ui Chearbhaill 2 hours;
limit 15 students;
Age limit 12+
Affordable Period Tents Master Eadweard Boicewright 2 hrs
Who are these people, what
are they wearing and what do I do?

HL Alvira MacDonald and HL Roselyn of Aberdean
Class fee $3.00;
limit 20 students;
Age limit: children welcome but
under 10 must be with an adult
Simple Italian Dances Lady Rowan Houndskeeper:  
Dos, Don'ts, and Wherefores of Fabric Construction
Josefina del Torre del Oso  
Calontir's Greatest Hits I HL Dorcas Whitecap  
12:00-12:30 Court  
12:30-1:30 Lunch  
  RUSH Board Meeting  

Shoe and Boot Construction
Countess Comyn Hrothwyn 2 hrs;
limit 15
age limit 15+
  French Bransles
Lady Seonaid inghean Dhomnaill  
Calontir's Greatest Hits II HL Dorcas Whitecap  
Youth Combat and Boffer Weapon Construction Baron Hirsch Eichmann  
Food Preservation: Living without Refrigeration HL Bran the Dark limit
30 students
Hounds, History and Hunting Lady Rowan Houndskeeper  
Drafting a Tudor/Elizabethan Bodice
Mistress Genevieve Penrose
class fee;
2 hrs
Leather craft for Beginners Fransico Delgadillo limit 6 students;
2 hours;
$5 class fee
Planning and Knitting the Middle
Eastern Sock
Sayyida Ghaythah al zarqa bint Tayyib intermediate;
limit 10 students;
age limit 12+;
class fee $.50
Indigo Dying

HL Cara Wythers
How to Make a Medieval Baby HL Slaine ni Chiarain: age limit 18+ ;
limit 20 students
Heraldic Flashcards HL Dorcas Whitecap  
Fighting with Greatsword Baron Hirsch Eichmann  
Judging Gone Wrong
  HL Bran the Dark
limit 30 students
Very Basic Inkle Weaving   Lady Gudrun Sveasdottir
3 hours;
fee $5.00;
students bring 2 colors of crochet cotton and loom, if
15th Century Basse Dance Lady Seonaid inghean Dhomnaill  
Making Period Arrows Baron Jon Tristram: class limit 20
age limit 12+;
2 hours
Italian Language Pronunciation HL Amanda filia Luci: 2 hrs
Dark Age Glamour, it's all about the Jewelry Berenguera Fineya beginner;
age limit 10+
Basic History of Lighting Cathus the Curious  
Constructing a Tudor/Elizabethan Bodice
Mistress Genevieve Penrose
2 hrs
Sope: Period and Modern HL Annalies Grossmund 2 hours;
age limit 12+
Intermediate Leather Craft Fransico Delgadillo limit 6 students;
2 hours
Witches, Werewolves, and Vampires in the Middle Ages HL Henry Percivale Kempe  
Post Revel Class:Basic Cheesemaking
HL Ellien Chadway
3 Hours;


Morning Craft Demonstrations
Rush Light Experiment HL Bran the Dark and Cathus
Mortise &
Tenon Joints
Master Sir Kirk

Green Wood Joinery and
Woven Seat Stool

Master Eadweard Boicewright
Gothic Wood Carving Master Kirk
Knitting Demo Afternoon
Sayyida Ghaythah al zarqa bint Tayyib
Scroll Painting HL Conna ingen Ui Chearbhaill
All Day  
Leather Tooling Lady Kajsa Nikulasdotter
Embroidery Baron Robert of Coldcastle and Master Gerald of Ipsley
Soapstone Casting
Count Fernando
Felting Demo Baroness Dejaniera
Viking Research and Discussion
Mistress Jorunn


Archaeology Symposium  
9:00 to 9:15 Introduction and welcome by Michael Fuller)
St. Louis Community College
9:15 to 9:45 Crusader era sites near Antioch in Turkey

Asa Eger

University of Chicago

10:00 to 10:30 Crusader Caeserea in Israel

Jennifer Stabler

University of Maryland

10:45 to 11:30 Kerak and Shaubak Castles in Jordan Jack LeeSt. Johns University
11:40 to noon Crusader remains at el Sela' in Jordan

Ralph Rowlett

University of Missouri - Columbia

noon to 12:45 Lunch Break -  
12:45 to 1:30 A Crusader cemetery in Jordan

Ali M. Khwaileh

University of Arkansas

1:45 to 2:15 Crusaders at Tel Tanninim in Israel

Diane Everman

St. Louis Society of AIA

1:45 to 2:15 Islamic structures in our Area LL at Caeserea

Jennifer Stabler

University of Maryland

2:30 to 3:00 Material Culture of Muslim Tuneinir (in Syria) compared to contemporary Crusader Sites

Michael Fuller

St. Louis Community College

3:15 to 3:45 Mamluk Site in Jordan

Asa Eger

University of Chicago

4:00 to 4:30 Comments and perspectives for future research

Jerome C. Rose

University of Arkansas

Please Plan to Join us for a Post Revel after the Classes at 9 PM!!!!!


Directions to St. louis Community College At Florissant Valley3400 Pershall Rd., Ferguson, MO 63135-1499
Phone: 314-513-4200

From the East: 270 W to West Florissant Exit. Exit Left. Turn Right on the outer road -Pershall Rd. Take Pershall to SLCC Florissant Valley.

From the West:
270 N to Washington- Elizabeth Exit. Turn Right. Turn Left on the outter road- Pershall Road. Take Pershall to SLCC Florissant Valley.

For more information contact:
Lady Neathery of Safita
(Neathery Batsell Fuller)

RUSH coordinator: HL Henry Percivale Kempe (mka Todd Lewis)
884 Holly St. #20, Fayetteville, AR 72703 479-443-7195


The views of this organization do not necessarily represent the views of the college, its administration, the facility, or Board of Trustees.
St. Louis Community college is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution. The college makes every effort to provide access to persons with disabilities. Call 984-7641 or 984-7127 (TDD) within two working days of an event to request accommodations.

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