Contact Group Burg Al Mudirah
(St. Louis Community College)

Under the protection and the guidance of the
Barony of Three Rivers
is delighted to host the

Fall Session of

Royal University of Scir Hafoc

Saturday -
September, 30, 2006

Due to the incredible generosity of the Barony of Three Rivers there is


Activities will include classes and demonstrations of medieval fighting, costuming, weaving, dying, woodworking, the bardic arts, and other diverse arts and sciences.

In conjunction with RUSH there will be a Archaeological Symposium, sponsored by the Archaeological Institute of America, St. Louis Society. Speakers will make presentations on topics related to the medieval Islamic and Crusader Near East. RUSH credit will be offered for gentles attending these presentations.

There are many fast food places nearby.

The site is Excruciatingly Dry.

Lord Galen has kindly offered to be a Crash Space Coordinator, so if you need a place to stay, please contact him either by email or by telephone 314-749-7939.

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Symposium: Elite Burials
Egyptian, Sumerian, Merovingia, Cahokian, Mayan, etc.
Sat., Sept. 30, 2006, 9 AM to 5 PM
Archaeology Symposium Co-sponsored by
St. Louis Community College at Meramec
and the
Kingdom of Calontir within the Society for Creative Anachronism
Lectures and living history demonstrations held at the The South County Education and University Center (SCEUC) - an off-campus extension of St. Louis Community College at Meramec.
It is located at the corner of Lemay Ferry and Meramec Bottom Roads.
Directions to the South County Center
Tentative Topics:
Minoan & Mycenaean Royal Burials by Prof. S. Symeonoglou
Elite Burial at Cahokia by Prof. J. Rose
Burial of Merovingin Queen Arnegunde by Prof. N. Fuller
Elite Burials in Romania by Prof. R. Rowlett
Oetzi - the Elite Iceman by Arvid Rowlett
Neo-Assyrian Royal Burials by Prof. A. Thomason
Sutton Hoo Elite, by John Rucker


  R.U.S.H Classes:                
  9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5
        lunch       court  


Morning Craft Demonstrations


Archaeology Symposium  
  Introduction and welcome by Michael Fuller)
St. Louis Community College
  Minoan & Mycenaean Royal Burials Prof. S. Symeonoglou
  Elite Burial at Cahokia Prof. J. Rose
  Burial of Merovingin Queen Arnegunde Prof. N. Fuller
  Sutton Hoo Elite

John Rucker

  Neo-Assyrian Royal Burials Prof. A. Thomason
  Elite Burials in Romania

Prof. R. Rowlett


  Oetzi - the Elite Iceman   Arvid Rowlett

Please Plan to Join us for a Post Revel after the Classes at 9 PM!!!!!



For more information contact:

Autocrat and RUSH Coordinator
Lady Neathery of Safita
(Neathery Batsell Fuller)



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