12:30 PM

Burj al Mudirah
Crusader Kingdoms,
AD 1200

Mary Institute of St. Louis
Founded 185




3 October 2001

What do I need to attend an SCA event?


If you do not have any "garb"- come to the event anyway. Try to attend a local barony meeting first because they have "garb" that you may borrow.


Feast Gear:

Most SCA feasts will not provide your table service.

It is great if you can start to collect your own feasting gear.

Bring a plate, a glass to drink from, spoon and knife.



Feel free to ask questions and make friends.


November 2 2002 Crystal Ball Shattered Crystal (Midrealm) Cahokia

October 25 2002 Meramec Halloween Party

September 28, 2002 Landsknecht Standing Stones Columbia MO

September 20-22, 2002 Mammoth Faire XV



September 7-8, 2002 Civil War era living history in Frontier Park along the Missouri River in the city of St. Charles, MO.

August 10-17, 2002 Pennsic War Debatable Lands (Coopers Lake PA)


If you are participating in an SCA Event and you are under 18 years of age, you MUST have a parent or guardian sign this waiver!