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Fall Session of Royal University of Scir Hafoc

Burj al Mudirah
Crusader Kingdoms,
AD 1200

2002-2003 Album

What should I bring to my first SCA Event?

Weekly Barony Meetings- Thusday Night 6:30 - 9 PM at Olivette Community Center: 9723 Grandview Drive, Olivette, MO 63132.For more directions.
March 8, 2003
Upcoming Club Events: If you are participating in an SCA Event and you are under 18 years of age, you MUST have a parent or guardian sign this waiver!
May 17- 18, 2003


May 24- 26, 2003

May 31- June 1, 2003

June 7- June 8, 2003

June 6-8, 2003

St. Louis Renaissance FaireWentzville, Missouri 
Only 45 minutes and 500 years from downtown St. Louis, Missouri. 

(24)Crown Tournament & Horse and Falcon King's Company of Archer's Tournament Forgotten Sea Kansas City MO

St. Louis Renaissance Faire

St. Louis Renaissance Faire

Knowne World Heraldic and Scribes Symposium

June 14-24th, 2003 Lillies War

August 19, 2003


August 21, 2003




New Student Orientation

11:30 -2:30 (Lunch included)

4:15- 6:30 (Dinner Included)


September- AS XXXVIII (2003)
3 & 4 s CLUB DAYS 11:30-1 PM

06 ths Coronation
13th s Myner's Fest IV Crystal Mynes Joplin MO

20th s Byzantine event Standing Stones Columbia MO

27th s Mammoth Faire Riverhold Jefferson Cty MO

October- AS XXXVIII (2003)

4th s Autumn Arrows XIII Calanais Nuadh Rolla MO

18th s Known World Costuming Symposium Kingdom of the Outlands - Barony of Caerthe Denver CO

25th Fall RUSH At Florissant Valley!!!!!!!!


Events Completed! Check out our Album!

2002-2003 Album

April 5 - AS XXXVIII (2003) April- AS XXXVIII (2003)
5th Coronation Oakheart Springfield MO

February 22- 2003 Chieftains Check out our album for pictures!!!

February 14 2003- Friday Movie Sponsor: Red Dragon

February 1 2003 Clothier's Seminar XVIII

)February 3 -4 2003- Monday & Tuesday Student Appreciation Days

January 25, 2003 Burj Al Muderah's Mid Winter Feast Check Out the Pictures!

January 23 2003 Club Days

January 22 2003 Club Days

January 18 2003 Crown Tourney

January 9, 2003 New Student Orientation

December 7, 2002 Scribes Symposium Standing Stones Columbia

December 7, 2002 Winter Court at St. Louis Cathedral School.

November 2 2002 Crystal Ball Shattered Crystal (Midrealm) Cahokia

October 25 2002 Meramec Halloween Party

September 28, 2002 Landsknecht Standing Stones Columbia MO

September 20-22, 2002 Mammoth Faire XV

Mummers Masks



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