Mary Institute of St. Louis

Founded in 1859 by William Greenleaf Eliot in memory of his daughter Mary Established "so that the citizens of St. Louis need not send their daughters a thousand miles away from home, for four or five of the most critical years of their life, to be trained by strangers."

We believe that the girl or young lady...should be treated as a rational being...and all the means of intellectual improvement...should be afforded to her. (William Greenleaf Eliot, University Bulletin, 1859)

The limit of education should be fixed, not by some arbitrary idea of how much a woman ought to know, or how much it is safe to teach without spoiling her as a ... faithful drudge, but the limits of female education should be fixed, as of the man's, by the capacity of the individual scholar and the external means within reach. (William Greenleaf Eliot, Lectures to Young Women, 1854)

Institute Activities

Wentzville Civil War reenactment
29 Sept (Friday) to 1 October (Sunday)

A great success!!!
See our Photo Album!!!!


Professor Michael J. Fuller
Professor of Ancient History
and Natural History
Mrs. Michael J. Fuller (Professora Neathery)
Professor of Fine Arts and Music.
and Miss Amira Fuller, student
Electronically linked Meeting places:
_This club is open to all community college students, staff and faculty!!!

-Instructional Resources Rm. 112 at Florissant Valley campus
-Library Rm. 214 at Meramec Campus

Living History Club

Club Sponsors: Prof. Michael Fuller (513-4414), and Neathery Fuller

Updated 16 November 2000