Roman Archaeology: Fort Banna

These images are from the Museum at the Roman fort of Banna (better known as Birdoswald).

Altar found at Banna with an inscription "DEO SANCTO SILVANO UE NATORES BANNIESS (Latin, "To the holy god Silvanus the hunters of Banna").

Relief carved out of sandstone, found at Banna, of Hercules (left) and Jupiter (right).

Replica pottery and Roman food in the museum exhibits.

Replica bone die and bone pen.

Pottery sherds.

Pottery sherds.

Iron spikes.

Door socket (with water).

Door socket, close up.

Plan of the west gate at Banna.

Artist reconstruction of the west gate.

Surviving portions of Roman wall and gate.

Artist reconstruction of the granaries at Banna.

Artist reconstrution of Banna towards the end of the Roman Empire.

Outer wall of Banna.

Guardrooms on a gate at Banna.

Redoubt corner of the fort at Banna."

Gate in the wall at Banna.

Sheep safely graze at Banna.

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