Kiro Ristov (Skopje Museum in the Republic and Macedonia) and Neathery Batsell Fuller (St. Louis Community College) in front of the Church of St. George in the village of Staro Nagorichane near Kumanovo. The wall paintings are dated 1316 / 1318 (Kornakov 2005:88).

Entrance to the church.

Inscription in the Cyrillic script over the entrance to the Church of St. George.

Brickwork and glass window above the entrance to the church on the west wall.

Interior of the church facing east towards the iconostasis.

Looking up into the large dome of the church.

Closeup of the Christ painted in the dome of the Church of St. George.

Damaged wall paintings of the Madonna and Christ child.

St. George, the princess and the dragon

Christ in the cross between the good thief (left) and bad thief (right).

Christ's body being removed from the cross and embraced by the Madonna.

Slaughter of martyrs by beheading.

Red curtain with the sign of the cross that closes off the small area of the altar from the larger nave of the church.

Five saints painted on the church walls.

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Kornakov, Dimitar
2005 Macedonian Monasteries. Matica Makedonska, Skopje.

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