23MT2 - Graham Cave

Graham Cave (23MT2) is an important archaeological site in Missouri that is protected as a State park. Reports were published by the Missouri Archaeological Society. The first report was published by W. D. Logan in 1952 and a second report was published by Walter Klippel in 1971. The site is discussed by Professor Carl Chapman in The Archaeology of Missouri, volume 1 (1975), and by Professors O'Brien and Wood in The Prehistory of Missouri (1998).

Radiocarbon dates from Graham Cave include: 7850+/-500 BC, 7340+/-300 BC, 7530+/-400 BC, 6880+/-500 BC, 5950+/-500 BC, 5680+/-120 BC, 5660+/-140 BC, 5410+/-125 BC, 4850+/-120 BC.

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Graham Cave surrounded by Oak and Hickory forest.

Packing the university truck for an expedition to Graham Cave, summer 1949.

Canvas tents for field crews, summer 1949.

Sifting at Graham Cave.

UMC student at Graham Cave.

Professor Carl Chapman outside of Graham Cave.

University of Missouri tent camp at Graham Cave.

Graham Cave with open area in front.

Aerial photograph of Graham Cave.

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