These images (originally kodachrome slides) were taken by Dr. Harold Mare in 1974 when he participated in the Andrews University excavation at Hesban.

Road sign for Tell Hesban in 1974.

Hesban dig sign in 1974.

View of Tell Hesban with a wheat field in the foreground.

Cars parked at the dighouse used by the Andrews University team excavating at Hesban in 1974.

Canvas tents used by volunteeers on the Andrews University archaeology project at Hesban.

Payday for Jordanian workmen at the Hesban archaeological dig during 1974.

Dr. Harold Mare with another volunteer and the Jordanian workmen who worked with him in 1974.

Myra Ovshak (Mare) with the foreman of the Jordanian workmen excavating with her at Hesban in 1974.

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