Icons in the Blood of the Saviour Church in St. Petersburg, Russia. I visited this church and took these digital images on 23 June 2006 as part of a Fulbright study grant project in Russia.

Exterior view of the church

Exterior view. The construction began in 1883 and was finished in 1907

Shrine in the interior of the church where Czar Alexander II Nikolaevitch was assasinated in 1885.

Beautifully painted and mosaic decorated walls adorn the interior of the church.

Mosasic decoration of St. Helena

Closeup of the mosaic of St. Helena

Icon of Alexander Nevksy

Painted walls including the scene of the immaculate conception of Jesus within the Virgin Mary

Image of Christ enthroned from the decorated walls of the church.

Sunlight illuminates the altar in the church.
Iconostasis screen being restored.

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