Russian icons in the Tretyakov Gallery

These digital photographs were made by Professor Michael Fuller as part of a Fulbright Study grant in Russia during the summer of 2006.

Two horsemen with a slain barbarian. Raised relief carved from red slate. From Kiev, approximately AD 1062.

The Barbarian slain with the spear broken through his throat.

St. Demetrius of Thessalonica. c. 1113. Mosaics. 222 x 129 cm. From the Mikhailovsky Zlatoverhy Monastery in Kiev.

Our Lady of the Holy Caves (Svenskaya) with attendindg saints Anthony and Theodosious. Attributed to the 11th-century icon-painter Alypius of Kiev.

Virgin Mary, Christ child, and St. Anthony.

The Annunciation painted in the Novgorod school and dated approximately 1130 to 1140.

Red yarn in the hand of the Madonna.

Christ between two angels which is dated to the late 12th century.

Archangel Michael, painted approximately AD 1300. From the Russian city of Yaroslavl.

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