23BN1 - King Hill Site in St. Joseph, Missouri

Dale Henning (far left) uses a plane table to map features and artifacts during the 1966 excavation at King Hill. This photograph and the others at this website were taken by Michael Fisher and digitized by Michael Fuller.

J. Mett Shippee (wearing hat) examines deeply buried pit features at King Hill during the 1966 excavation.

Mike Ruppert shovels soil from deep test units during 1972 field season.

Deep profile from the 1972 field season.

Deep test units during 1972 season.

Dr. Leonard Blake (Archaeobotanist at Washington University in St. Louis), Dale Henning, and a student recover carbonized seeds by floating soil samples from King Hill during 1972.

Narrow slit trench excavated at King Hill.

Block style excavation method from 1966. This excavation technique tends to define multiple features such as storage pits, trash pits, and house post molds.

Members of the St. Joseph chapter of the Missouri Archaeological Society excavating in the Watkin's garden portion of the King Hill Site during 1989. The crew (from left to right): Jackie Lewin, Ed Barlow, Bonnie Watkins, and Lester Watkins.

Michael Fisher standing in the backfilled excavation area of the site during June of 2007.

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