Amira, Neathery and Michael at Lillies. Photograph by Keith Roberts.

Amira smiles while friends try Michael's murri sauces.

Flavored murri sauces.

From apetizers to main course prepared by Michael.

Chicken stewed in pomegranite sauce with murri, pickled garlic, lentils, peas, and chickpeas.

Kirk and Theiry's camp (our tent is under the tree line).

Beer tree for B3R party with Michael and Neathery's ale/mead signs on far right.

Grim wulf at B3R party.

Her Excellency Kajsa Nikulasdotter at B3R party.

Gunther (note stitches above eyebrow) at B3R party.

Kate dressed for the B3R party.

Kate attracts boys down by the Viking boat during the B3R party.

Elle looks at the Viking Boat ahead of the B3R party.

Elle closeup.

Musicians at the B3R party.

Countess Magdalena vander Meere makes beignets.


Aldred Lyccidfelth and Ailith Bystoune.

Master Edward




Michael and Jack

Michael with crossbow.

Neathery and Amira playing at the Lilies Ball. Photograph by Keith Roberts.
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