Neathery practices her Medieval fiddle ahead of a performance by the Three River Players.

Tori, Amira, Amanda and Kate.

Linen cap that Neathery embroidered for the laurel ceremony of Fionna nic Alisdair.

Henry is all smiles at Lillies.

Wayne of the Heights is all smiles at Lillies.

Yusef is all smiles at Lillies.

Yrsa, a Viking raider boat captained by Sam.

The Fyrdraca, a 32 foot long Viking replica boat that holds a crew of 22 persons.

Sam, captain of the Yrsa.

Michael of Safita gets ready to sail with the Yrsa.

Sam ties up the sail on the Yrsa.

Fyrdraca prepares to depart.

Fyrdraca on the water.

Yrsa prepares to depart.

Sam steers the Yrsa while the crew rows.

Michael of Safita, wearing the blue hood, helps row the Yrsa.

Baron Duncan.

Fernando del Falcon.

Conna smiles.

Amira is all smiles after receiving the award of a Swan.

Three River Players at their last performance in 2008 at Lillies.
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