Neathery and Amira at Lillies.

Our tent at Lillies with the "Lady of Calontir" under the shade of the tree.

David, brewer with a smile.

Barron's gambeson dries.

Neathery and her excellency Gilley.

Neathery, Amira and Adalaide.

Wedding cake.

Handbinding at the wedding.

Viking boat at shore.

Viking boat closeup.

Viking boat and tent camp in the background.

Viking boat oars.

Neathery and Michael prepare for inspection, then combat.

Michael of Safita on battlefield.

Neathery of Safita on battlefield.

Michael of Safita (right) resting between battles while Neathery (left) walks among the fighers.

Neathery of Safita prowling between battles.

Neathery and Michael of Safita with crossbow in camp.
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