Lillies War, Summer 2013

Pilgrimage of Our Lady of Calontir

Banner icon of Our Lady of Calontir painted by Neathery of Safita.

David with the banner for St. Boniface, patron of the brewers.

Pilgrims gather.

Handing out pilgrim's hymn to musicians.

Musicians in the pilgrim group.

Munlik provided the drum cadence for the pilgrims.

Michael and Neathery of Safita with portive organ and medieval violin.

Her Grace Conna, joyful after the pilgrimage.

Pilgrims enjoy a tastey beverage at the end of the pilgrimage.

Michael of Safita

Neathery of Safita (right) confirms with another textile artisan at RUSH.

Pottery kiln very similar to an 11th century kiln we excavated in Area 10 at Tell Tuneinir, Syria.

View of the back of the kiln.

Adding fuel to the kiln.

Pottery kiln building heat.

Special small kiln for clay oil lamps.

Interior of kiln for lamps.

Neathery and Michael of Safita ready for battle.
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