Professors Michael Fuller and Neathery Fuller visited Luxor in 2007.

Statue at the entrance of the temple.

Statues in front of the pylons.

Relief image of captives from Syro-Palestine on the side of the king's statue.

Relief on the side of the King's colossal seated statue.

Seated king represented on the pylon.

Obeliks and pylon at Luxor.

Image of the king in his chariot on the pylon.

Dead soldiers represented on the pylon of Luxor.

Two sphinxes along the avenue between Luxor and Karnak.

Tile decorated entrance to the Abu al-Haggag Mosque.

Images of the Christian use of the temple.
Special thanks to Neathery Fuller, Amira Fuller and to Dr. Morad Nasr (our guide to the sites).

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