The hillside of Mt. Vodno supported the castle of Markovi Kule. The castle can be divided into two discrete areas: the Keep and the Lower Town.

A jeep transported the dig equipment to the foot of the castle keep, then the climb up to the top.

Looking down from the keep and watching the crew unload the jeep and hauling the 500 pounds of gear up the path to the castle.

Everyone helps carry up gear.

The crew takes a breather on the top of the castle keep after carrying up gear for the excavation.

Norman points out the treeless area on the ridge just east of the castle of Markovi Kule. It sure looks like a perfect spot for a subsidiary castle or small village.

Michael leads a tired group of students back from a 4 kilometer cross country hike that checked out one of the ridges to the east of the castle. Three ridges were checked east of the castle. No evidence of "sister" castles or villages were discovered.

The 2 km. trail leading to castle of King Markivo passes through a beautiful pine forest. The castle keep can be seen in the distance.

Professor Michael Fuller records a grape vineyard on the north side of the dirt trail leading to the castle of Markovi. Numerous antique walls and terraced fields are scattered along the trail. These were probably active farmsteads and a small village during the Late Antique and Medieval Periods.

On portion of the trail to the castle of Markovi's castle was lined with tall flowers and Amira Fuller nicknamed it the "Hall of Flowers."

Detail of one of the flowers.

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