Damjan, Norman and Kiro watch real time data points plotting up from GPS survey.

Kiro checks traditional contour map of the castle with the new GPS map.

Michael concentrates as he draws a top plan of the rock fall from the keep.

Norman teaches GPS surveying to Carol and Ellen. Product placement promo for Trimble (only the best for STLCC projects).

Norman uses a Trimble GPS base station set up on the site benchmark. A concrete benchmark was established in the castle keep several decades ago.

Carol records metal findspot with GPS.

Radameer and Edge hold the stadia rod for an elevation on the north face of the castle Keep wall.

Ellen holds the stadia rod.

Archaeology is not all hi-tech! Alexander, Nicholai, Maya, Carley and Amira help clear weeds along the north side of the castle keep ahead of excavating test pits 2 and 3.

Michael discusses how field records with Jaime and Heidi. IMO's pizza is not yet available in Macedonia!

Heidi removes soil from against the castle keep wall.

Carley and Nicholai discuss whether their square has more dirt or more rock.

Neathery draws the top plan of Test Pit 5 where there was more rock than dirt.

A Macedonian student (left) and Jaime (right) remove grass and start a new excavation unit overlooking Skopje.

Victor, Damjan, and Kiro discuss research design and goals over a cup of coffee.

Carley, Ellen, and Jaime try to enjoy their lunch after hours and hours of museums while Professor Michael Fuller listens to their conversations.

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