American and Macedonian students begin to work on a cool, misty morning at the castle of King Marko.

Neathery Fuller and Danjan Donev discuss excavation strategies in the castle keep (highest and most defended portion of the caste). The transit and dumpy level are set up to record elevations while excavating in the castle keep.

How many professors does it take to layout a 2 x 2 meter square. Answer is two, but another 3 to supervise.

Another test pit is positioned in the castle keep.

The crew uses a metric stadia rod and dumpy level to get elevation readings on specific finds in the castle keep. The Trimble GPS system is used to contour the site and piece plot specific finds from the lower part of the castle.

Architectural plan of the castle (keep on west end and lower town on central and east side) produced in the 1970s. GPS and archaeological excavation during 2005 is designed to refine and sharpen the architectural plan of Markovi's castle.

Heidi and Aydeen start deweeding Test Pit 1. Will there be anything under the grass?

Heidi and Jaime listen to Michael discuss how to cut the edges of a square as Test Pit 1 is started.

Heidi, Amira and Jaime carefully excavate 10 centimeters of soil from Test Pit 1.

Amira and Heidi work on Test Pit 1 situated at the western edge of the castle keep. They have uncovered a corner of the main tower for the castle keep!

Excavating soil from against the face of the castle keep tower wall. How far down will it go? Over 2 meters!

Test Pit 1 getting deeper.

First day of excavation in Test Pit 2 uncovers rubble from the collapse of the castle keep.

Test Pits 2 and 3 being excavated.

Wall of the keep fully exposed to bedrock on the last day of excavation in Test Pit 2.

A meteric grid is used to help draw the top plan of Medieval sherds scattered just beneath the surface of test pit 10.

Test Pit 3, excavated by Carol, was rock free. It looked like one of the triangular towers but turned out to be a backdirt pile from the previous excavation in the 1970s.

Kiro and Damjan help students clear weeds and brush from along the stone walls of the castle keep.

Second day of excavation in Test Pit 4. The circular tower is not bonded to the castle keep wall!

Test Pit 1 top plan.

Test Pit 2 top plan.

Test Pit 2 profile.

Test Pit 5 Top Plan.

Test Pit 10 Top Plan.

Test Pit 10 profile.

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