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Medieval Era Archaeological Sites

Crusader Era Sites in Greater Syria

Qalaat Areimeh / Arima

ca. 1110 Original construction of castle

1149 Bertrand of Toulouse seizes the castle from Raymond III, Count of Tripoli

1167 Castle captured by Nur al-Din

1170 Under Crusader control when damaged by earthquake

1171 Nur al-Din destroys the fortifications

1172 Restored to Crusader control under the Hospitallers

1177 Templars given responsibility for castle

1188 Castle captured by Saladin but returns to Crusader control

1291 Castle abandoned by Crusaders


Aremiah from a distance

Mason's mark on building stone at Aremiah

Northwest Tower at Aremiah

Southwest Tower at Aremiah

GPS information for Aremiah

1. Eastern Tower

North 34o 44.697' and East 036o 02.631'

Approximate elevation of 693 ft.


2. Tower 120 ft. southwest of Eastern Tower

North 34o 44.686' and East 035o 02.615'

Approximate elevation of 612 ft.


3. Southern High Tower

North 34o 44.662' and East 036o 02.594'

Approximate elevation of 588 ft.


4. Keep near center of castle

North 34o 44.672' and East 036o 02.536'

Approximate elevation of 595 ft.


5. Tower 78 ft. southwest of Keep

North 34o44.668' and East 036o 02.523'

Approximate elevation of 604 ft.


6. Southwest Tower

North 34o 44.650' and East 036o 02.504'

Approximate elevation of 605 ft.


7. Modern restaurant on west edge of site

North 34o 44.669' and East 035o 02.476'

Approximate elevation of 591 ft.


8. Tower along north wall of castle

North 34o 44.688' and East 036o 02.584'

Approximate elevation of 569 ft.