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Medieval Era Archaeological Sites

Crusader Era Sites in Greater Syria



ca. 1100 Taken during the conquest of the coast and Lattakia

1291 Tartus falls from Crusader control

1302 Last Crusader troops defeated. Templar knights taken into captivity in Cairo and Frankish fortress demolished

Wooden boats are still built on Arwad

The modern dock at Arward

Narrow streets crisscross Arward

Crusader Relief Panel by castle entrance

Detail of Medieval Relief by castle entrance at Arward

Castle double window

Wooden door studded with metal to museum/castle

Castle courtyard view 1

Castle courtyard view 2

Castle courtyard view 4 looking East with Tartus is the background

GPS information for Arwad

1. Central Castle (now museum)

North 34o 51.394' and East 035o 51.462'

Approximate elevation of 76 ft.


2. Highest tower in castle

North 34o 51.377' and East 035o 51.438'

Approximate elevation of 131 ft.


3. Harbor on west side of the island

North 34o 51.266' and East 035o 51.440'

Approximate elevation of 104 ft.


4. Modern shipyard on southeast corner of island

North 34o 51.269' and E 035o 51.632'

Approximate elevation of -29 ft.


5. Modern ferry landing on northeast corner of island

North 34o 51.376' and East 035o 51.637'

Approximate elevation of 40 ft.