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Medieval Era Archaeological Sites

Crusader Era Sites in Greater Syria

Qalaat Marqab / Margat

1062 Fortified by Muslims to protect Baniyas

1098 Baniyas conquered/slaughtered by Crusaders

1104 Byzantine troops commanded by John Cantacuzenus conquer Marqab but reverts to Arabs

1116 Ibn Muhriz exchanges the castle for other lands to Roger, Prince of Antioch. Control of the castle is given to the Mansoer family.

1186 Sold to the Knights Hospitallers by Bertrand de Margat for annual fee of 2000 gold Bezants

1188 Not attacked by Saladin

1204 Attacked by al-Malik Zahir Ghazi of Aleppo

1280 Attacked by Saif al-Din Baldan, Turkoman Emir

1285 Mamluk Sultan Qalaun undermines South Tower on 17 April

1285 Falls of Qalaun on 25 May. Is rebuilt by Emir Saif ad-din Balaban at-Tabbahi

Great Gate of Marqab

David Hanlon (SLCC) photographs main entrance to Marqab church

Side entrance to Marqab church

Dramatic interior to Marqab church facing the altar

Frescoes of Saints from sacristy of Marqab church

Frescoes of Saints and angels from sacristy of Marqab church

Detail of Frescoes

More detail of Frescoes

Engaged capital in the interior of the Marqab church

Engaged capitals in Crusader architecture at Marqab

Vaulted interior of the Great Hall at Marqab

Ottoman Period architecture at Marqab

Ottoman Period prison within Marqab

Scupture fragment of a horse or dog

Partially collapsed vault next to SAR musuem office

Architectural detail of partially collapsed vault

David Hanlon fine art photograph of Marqab babican

David Hanlon fine art photograph of Marqab from a distance

David Hanlon fine art photograph of Marqab round tower

David Hanlon fine art photograph of Marqab passages

David Hanlon fine art color photograph of Marqab sacristy frescoes


GPS DATA for Marqab:

1. Church
North 36o 09.081' and East 035o 56.973'
approximate elevation of 1244 ft. above sea level

2. Gate Tower (show in photographs)
North 35o 09.120' and East 035o 56.938'
approximate elevation of 1197 ft.

3. Central Tower approximately 120 ft (40 meter) SW of Church
North 35o 09.068' and East 035o 56.986'
approximate elevation of 1312 ft.

4. (KHN?) Rooms used by Syrian Dept. of Antiquities
North 35o 09.119' and East 035o56.963'
approximate elevation of 1243 ft.

5. North Tower approximately 600 ft. northwest of the Gate Tower
North 35o 09.207' and EAst 035o 56.888'
approximate elevation of 1221 ft.

6. Road junction for Marqab/Banias (below castle)
North 35o 11.553' and East 035o58.332'
approximate elevation of 172 ft.