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Medieval Era Archaeological Sites

Crusader Era Sites in Greater Syria

Qalaat al-Mudiq

200 BC Utilized as a fortress by Seleucids

1106-1149 Crusader occupied

13th century Mamluk occupation

Sagi looks at decorations over the ruins of an Ottoman Period house

Most of the village houses have flat roofs but one home has two domes

Crusader or earlier buildilng used as a stable in the village

Closeup of doorway into ancient building

How Medieval buildings were heated = Metal bowl with charcoal

Look down through the castle gate system

Portion of Crusader Period wall with projecting stone knobs

View from Crusader walls looking west across the Orontes River

Modern village rooflines plus satelitte dish

Fragment of a Crusader vault and walls

Small Medieval defensive window












GPS Information for Qalaat al-Mudiq

1. Syrian Government rest house in Apamee Archaeological Park

North 35o 25.014' and East 036o 24.134'

Approximate elevation of 887 ft.


2. Ancient building used as stable near center of castle

North 35o 25.225' and East 036o 23.534'

Approximate elevation of 863 ft.


3. Ruins of gate into castle

North 35o 25.149' and East 036o 23.555'

Approximate elevation of 872 ft.


4. Tower on North wall of castle

North 35o 25.286' and East 036o 23.505'

Approximate elevation of 893 ft.


5. Tower on East wall of castle

North 35o 25.218' and East 036o 23.637'

Approximate elevation of 827 feet


6. Tower at southeast corner of castle near gate

N 35o 25.165' and E 036o 23.600'

Approximate elevation of 885 ft.