History of Shobak Castle related to Crusades

Shobak Castle

Summary of Shobak Castle

1115 The castle of Mont Real is establsiehd by Baldwin I, the Latin King of Jerusalem.

1142 Kerak assumes the administrative functions that had previously rested in Shauback

1189 Salah al din captures Shobak. The castle and territory granted to his brother, Al Adil. Passes to Al Adil's son and descendants.

1263 Mamluk governor appointed at Shobak

1280 Sultan Qala'un causes damage to the castle

1293 Sultan Khalil causes damage to the castle

late 13th c. Mamluk Sultan Lajin sees to repairs of the castle

1516 Ottoman troops garrison in the castle

mid 16th c. Tribal rebellion eliminates the Ottoman garrison

A portion of the castle generally dated to the the post-Crusader phase. Probably Mamluk.

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