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Medieval Era Archaeological Sites

Crusader Era Sites in Greater Syria

Yahmur / Chastel Rouge

ca. 950 Original fortification during time of Byzantine Emperor Nicephorus

ca. 1100 Absorbed in Crusader defenses

1112 Count of Tripoli acquires castle by marriage

1177 Transferred to the Hospitallers. Montolieu family were occupants of castle at the time

1188 Taken by Saladin

ca. 1195 Retaken by Crusaders

1289 Falls the Mameluke Sltan Qalaun

Gate to castle

Manicholations to Castle Tower

Interior of Castle Tower

Central pillar inside of tower

Crusader vaulting at Yahmur

Windows and floor sill sockets inside Yahmur tower

Professor Michael Fuller making notes inside Yahmur Tower



GPS information for Yahmur

1. Entrance to castle

North 34o 48.705' and East 035o 58.238'

Approximate elevation of 304 ft.


2. Top of Tower

North 34o 48.722' and East 035o 58.227'

Approximate elevation of 321 ft.