23CP1 - Mellor Site

The Mellor Site, is a Middle Woodland Period village situated on a terrace in the Lamine River locality of the Missouri River Valley. The pottery and stone tools from the site belong to the technological/artistic tradition that is described as "Hopewell." The site was placed on the National Register of Historic sites during 1974.

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The site was surface surveyed in 1970 and investigated by Marvin Kay using a series of 9 test trenches. The is located on private property and is not open to the public. The Mellor site is listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. Uncalibrated radiocarbon dates for the site include AD 185 +/- 50 (WISC-703), AD 270 +/- 45 (WISC-703), AD 230 +/-50 (WISC-707), AD 395 +/- 60 (WISC-770), AD 355+/-60 (WISC-771), AD 220 +/- 60 (WISC-60), AD 245 +/-60 (WISC-773). Exotic artifacts found at the site include mica and marine shell beads.

Animal bones recovered from the excavation include bison, short-tailed shrew, canid (dog or coyote), beaver, elk, opposum, plains pocket gopher, river otter, bobcat, woodchuck, mouse, weasel, white-tailed deer, muskrat, raccoon, fox squirrel, cottontail rabbit, and eastern chipmcuk. Fish bones include bass, small mouth bass, large mouth bass, redhorse, golden shiner, white bass, freshwater drum, gizzard shad, goldeye, northern hogsucker, catfish, channel catfish, buffalo, smallmouth buffalo, largemouth buffalo, gar, green sunfish, and bluegill. Bird bones include green wing teal, blue wing teal, ring neck duck, redtail hawk, turkey, trumpeter swan, prairie chicken, shoveller, eastern king bird, and barn owl. Plant remains recovered from the excavation include pawpaw, hickory, hackberry, chenopod, hazelnut, walnut/butternut, plum, rose, and grape. It is possible that the chenopod (Chenopodium sp.) were cultivated and not gathered wild.


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