The Monastery of King Marko is situated along the east slope of Mt. Vodno and approximately a 20 minute drive outside of Skopja. Volunteer workers from the nearby villages and the city help to maintain the natural beauty of the monastery. The flowers provide a bright and cheerful feeling to the building used as residence by the nuns and their guests.

A corroded old kotle (Macadonian, metal pot for cooking or boiling water) hangs artistically near the traditional kitchen of the monastery.

Wood is stockpile against one wall of the monastery. Winters are cold and this provides fuel for heat.

Wallpainting of Christ marks the doorway to the ground floor refectory. The woodpile almost obscures the painting. Many visitors come to the monastery on feast days so there are two refectories; one above the other. The ground floor refectory has a poorly preserved wallpainting of the last supper in the north niche.

Small car belonging to a volunteer working in the monastery is parked in the shade.

Locally quarried stones (for building and restoration) are stockpiled in a corner inside the monastery.

An inscription from 1886 describes renovation and restoration of the monastery. The building feel into near total neglect and disrepair during the 20th century.

Gravestone from the 1930s of a abbot.

Closeup of the gravestone.

Bell tower of the monastery.

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