Medieval Novgorod Wooden Artifacts

Wonderful artifacts that are dated by dendrochronology (tree ring dating).

9 Man Morris game out of wood.

Carved wood.

Carved wood.

Wooden arrowheads 11 to 13th century.

Birch letter written in Old Russian. "I am bending my back, Smenka and Koremna. I came here to the village of Petrrevo. How would you receive me? What will you say to my master through me?"


Bread stamp made out of wood

Carved wood

Carved wood

Carved bowl

Shoe Last from 12th to 14th century

Wood Comb

Wood comb

Fragment of a decorated wooden plate, 12th century.


Wooden School Board

Wooden frame for a wax tablet

Metal Stylus for wax tablets

Wooden Knives

Birch Bark Letter

Birch Bark drawing

Birch Bark letter

Wood stamp

Wood flute

Harp (Gooslee)

Harp (Gooslee)

Carved wooden plague decorated with a knot design

Wood rebec

Wood rebec

Wood rebec bow

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